RO UF cleaning chemicals

Bet-water is a high performance engineering for reverse osmosis system.

Reverse Osmosis Chemicals - The use of high performance treatment chemicals is an essential component of any well managed reverse osmosis plant programme. Reverse Osmosis Chemicals International offer a complete range of advanced technology reverse osmosis treatment products that have been expertly reverse-osmosis-chemicals-research-labdeveloped to meet the following criteria:

  • Safe to handle and safe in use
  • Membrane compatibility
  • Improved performance
  • Stable and effective
  • Compatibility with other productsM
  • Cost effectivity
  • Environmentally sensitive

    Recovery rates

    Reverse osmosis plant recovery rates vary from as low as 10% in the case of sea water to 90% with some low salinity brackish waters. As the water passes along the membrane surface the salt concentration increases and some sparingly soluble salts exceed their solubility products. These salts can precipitate on the membrane surface causing fouling which may reduce output and increase the product water conductivity. The two most trouble­some salts are calcium carbonate and calcium sulphate and their prevention is essential if the membrane is to work efficiently.

    The use of sulphuric acid to 'de-alkalise' the feed water has been the traditional way of preventing calcium carbonate scaling. However, sulphuric acid is hazardous to handle, increases the sulphate content of the water and adds to the general corrosivity of the water on both sides of the membrane.

    Calcium sulphate scale can be eliminated by lowering the recovery rate, which reduces the calcium and sulphate ion concentration in the water. Reducing the recovery rate is not always the best option as it means running the plant at lower efficiency. The best way to maintain cost effective production is to operate with recovery rates as high as possible whilst at the same time preventing membrane scaling.