Company Profile


Blue E tech Sdn. Bhd. has several collaborative ventures with local and foreign affiliates with the primary objective to:

  • Provide specialised technical support as well as improving the “local content” of products and services offered.
  • Widen its range of applications of value-added products and services.
  • Move towards a seamless partnership with key organisations for the purpose of technology transfer and management expertise.
  • Move towards a seamless partnership with key organisations for the purpose of technology transfer and management expertise.


Blue E tech Sdn. Bhd. strongly believes in safeguarding the health and safety of its trained personnel who often work in high-risk areas, both in onshore and offshore installations. Our work practices comply with the health, safety and environmental standards and regulations set by the Government and oil and gas companies. However, Blue E tech Sdn. Bhd. is taking steps to review its work practices on a continuous basis to achieve and sustain improved health, safety, and environmental management.

Blue E tech Sdn. Bhd.’s Project Management Team is formed to ensure that any project undertaken is delivered on time and within budget. The Team has developed corporate strategies for cost-saving measures without sacrificing quality products and services nor the concerns for health, safety, and the environment.


Blue E tech Sdn. Bhd. business activities have been structured to meet common industry needs by providing environmentally friendly and cost-effective solutions for water & Waste water treatment sector especially in oil & gas industries , industrial effluent treatment .Also we are providing solution for maintenance of structures in oil & gas sectors ,anti corrosive applications, manufacturing Wet Abrasive blasting machines ,etc

Blue E Tech Sdn. Bhd. core business is appended herein:

  • Fresh water maker for oil & gas
  • Desalination kits for smaller boats
  • Oily water separation for produced water treatment in oil & gas
  • Biological treatment solutions for industrial effluent treatment plants
  • Corrosion Engineering Services
  • Supply and commissioning for chemical cleanging systems for desalinations plants
  • Supply ,erection ,commissioning for OHR aerators


Blue E tech Sdn. Bhd. has built its name under the guidance of a Management Team comprising of the Executive Director and the Engineering Manager/Advisor, Specialised Coatings Inspector and a team of dedicated and experienced certified engineers & techinicians.The Management Team is supported by:

  • An efficient team of engineers and trained staff who are responsible for the project coordination, project administration and operation activities
  • A systematic financial management and accounting system which is responsible for the effective control and administration of the entire organization’s monetary flow and financial activities
  • HR personnel responsible for the management of staff salary and benefits, staff movement, travel and accommodation arrangements
  • Appointed consultants where the job involves a high degree of technical expertise.


Blue E tech Sdn. Bhd.. is continuously improving its work system that stresses efficiency and quality control through teamwork in all facets of the Company’s operations, while maintaining a high degree of individual skills.

The system incorporates every individual’s strengths as well as creative adaptability and encourages each employee to maximise his or her potential towards the achievement of Company’s goals. This has created a congenial atmosphere and platform for interaction amongst staff and between the staff and the Management Team and is generating dynamism and raising operational efficiency in the Company.


Blue E tech Sdn. Bhd.. is expanding its scope of products and services to a wider market to include the agricultural industry, auto-industry, food industry and health industry where there is increasing potential for specific applications of its products and services, whilst maintaining and upgrading its services in core business areas.