Oil Filtration

Strength BT ceramic Membranes

  • BT membranes – delivery both Secondary ,tertiary treatment in one step
  • Can handle Oil emulsion
  • Can handle large fluctuations in suspended solids ,Oil and temperature
  • Deliver consistent Permeate Quality
  • Physical and chemical strength of ceramic Membranes

  • pH range 0 to 14
  • Solvent handling : Completely stable with any kind solvent
  • Thermal withstand : it is more stable at high elevated temperatures of about 800 °C
  • High flux rate 3000 lmh
  • High porosity
  • Low contact angle with water
  • Physical strength of ceramic Membranes

    Utilizing the good strength of advance material, an unique chemical-free cleaning technology, called “Backpulse Hammer” has been developed to remove foulants from our BT filter.