Industrial Water Treatment

BT waste water reclamation and reuse system is a GREEN technology which allows you to reclaim and reuse your waste water and waste heat. BT treatment system provides you with the ability to convert your waste water from a liability to an asset. Each BT system is custom engineered for your specific waste water characteristics and to provide recycled water purity to meet your unique needs, turning your discarded waste water into clean water rvialing or exceeding the purity of your existing water source. The BT system can reclaim between 65%* and 90%* of your waste water and return it as clean water to your industrial process. As a result, users of the BT system enjoy verifiable financial savings in their operations. As a bonus an BT system can improve your discharge permit compliance and distinguish you as a responsible corporate citizen.

BT is an ideal way to help achieve your organization's sustainability and environmental management goals and objectives.

At BET, we understand that every application is unique. Our engineers work with you to understand your specific requirements and expectations to develop a solution tailored to your particular water needs. We have the experience and expertise to help you maximize efficiency, reduce costs, comply with tightening environmental regulations and to meet your sustainability goals.

Business and your water need never stops or the importance of critical water systems to your business. As a result, we maintain a team of expert technicians on call to keep your bt water reuse system operating without interruption. Whether it is a minor adjustment, periodic maintenance or a complete system overhaul, the BET service team stands ready to provide the rapid response required to keep your business water requirements running smoothly.