Fresh Water Maker

Reverse Osmosis System

Our water maker use with spiral wound RO ted the spiral wound RO membrane system which captures dissolved salts from pretreated water. Spiral wound RO modules capitilaze on an extremely high ratio of filter area to hold-up volume. With feed water that is optimally pre- treated ,these modules allow the greatest output of desalted water with lowest energy use.


The RO system is mounted in a skid with the normal design standards. The skid frame is structurally strong and light weight to enable loading and unloading by crane. The skid frame has lifting handles for ease of lifting by the troops.

Equipment Details

  • Pressure sand filter
  • Micron filter
  • MCF feed pump
  • MCF filter
  • High pressure pump
  • RO pressure vessels
  • RO membrane elements
  • Low pressure pipes
  • High pressure pipes
  • Low pressure gauge
  • High pressure gauge
  • Pressure transmitter
  • Pressure switch
  • Conductivity meter
  • Flow meter with flow switch
  • Control panel: The control panel consists of VFDs, HMI and PLC systems
  • Cleaning tank
  • Non return valve, Back wash valve
  • Pneumatic valves
  • Instrumentation

    The plant is capable of automatic operation by PLC. Salient aspects are

    a. Pressure transmitter to sense and give the feedback signal to the control panel to do the backwash sequences.

    b. Pressure switches at relevant locations to cause tripping of the pumps at set high /low suction pressure

    c. Flow meters to indicate and to achieve the necessary permeate flow rates

    d. Conductivity meter installed on feed/pure water to indicate the purity and has a set point for diversion of water should the conductivity cross the desirable limit and trip the plant in the event of non – improvement in the status.

    e. Level switches provided for the cleaning tank.