The RO plant has automated control system based on an in built and proven programmable logic control (PLC) .The control system has:

(a). Automated start up

(b). Self-diagnostic built –in-test equipment with automatic failsafe routines for various fault conditions and status with diagnostic charts on front panel.

(c). Operation mode control : The RO system will undergo the various operation modes which execute and conclude automatically with appropriate display on the control panel, enabling easy operation of the plant. The control panel facilities the following modes of operation/Maintenance:

  • Automated start up
  • Service mode
  • Backwash mode
  • Level controlling
  • Low pressure/high pressure alarms
  • Fault reset mode
  • (d). Manual over ride function: during the manual operation the following safety/Controls are provided

  • Whenever the raw water pump trips, the high pressure pump and all other pumps shall automatically trip.
  • Till the raw water pump does not start, the high pressure pump shall not start.
  • It is also possible visually to see the readings of the conductivity ,flow and pressure during manual mode
  • (e). Piping and materials of components: The piping materials are selected with the latest standards applicable for desalination plants. The piping is repairable by operator without any external assistance in short time in the event of damage /breakage. The material of components used are of highest quality meeting stringent field requirements and are corrosion resistant of varying raw water qualities.

    (f). Display panels for guidance: printed display panels with following information/content, are prominently displayed on the plant

  • Start up and stoppage sequence system
  • Basic do’s and don’ts of the plant operation
  • Pipe and instrument diagram
  • Instant fault diagnosis chart
  • Valve position chart
  • Electrical circuit diagram
  • Safety warning on high voltage components