Anti Corrosive Paint

Product Description

Bet-water ST designed as a two part paint system. It is a low volatile organic content paint with a high solid content It is a modified epoxy coat that gives long terms protection and is highly resistance properties and is ideal for use in harsh marine and industrial environments where there is no compromise on quality. An additional advantage of Bet-water ST is that it will continue to cure even when immersed in water

Product Application

Bet-water ST is a versatile paint with many potential applications. It is suitable for wide range off application like offshore, beams, decks and to other structures from civil and day to day use. It can be used on new as well as old metals. It is ideal for ships, piles, per-fabricated metal structures. It is self priming and does not require a top coat . It can be applied over existing coatings. It can also be used in highly corrosive environments such as chemical plants, naturally occurring acidic areas such as jetties and sluice gates, paper mills, palm oil mills and many others.

Product Information

Product Description
Colour Grey, White
Packing 16 Liter pack
Mixing Ratio 1.2 : 1 ( Part A & B (1.2: 1) by weight only
Volume Solids 95% ± 3%
Working Pot Life 90 minutes at 35 °C
Maximum Solvent 3 - 5 %
Coating Layer 1-2
Touch Dry 45 – 90 minutes at 30 °C
Temperature Resistance 55 °C ( After full cure)
Chemical Resistance 75% H2SO4
Recommended DFT 250 - 1000 µm
Coating Layer 1 – 2 on deck
Theoretical Coverage 3.8 Square meter based on 250µm
Recommended Thickness 250 µm – 300µm
Full Cure Can be over coated when ever touch dry
Over Coating 4 hours
Shelf Life At least 12 month when stored in sealed containers

Application Data

Product Description
Brush Application 100 ~ 150 µm
Over Coating Interval Can be over-coated when touch dry
Method Airless spray, Air spray (pressure pot ) Roller Brush Airless Spray
Airless spray : Tip size -0.017 inch or larger
Conventional spray. A moisture and oil trap in the air supply line, mechanical
agitator are recommended
Thinning ratio: 5 - 15% when required

Resistance Table

Acid Alkali Solvent Sea Water Fresh Water
Spillage C A B A A
Fume B A A A A
Immersion NR NR X A A

Barge Coating

Vessel Coating

Exhaust Fan